If your reading this you probably already know that the original Ferrari 575M modular wheels are becoming very hard to find. If your lucky enough to locate a set, the cost is usually well north of $10K. We have seen them for sale as high as $25K! The bad news is that the wheels that do come to market these days, have now been on the streets for along time and most have usually been taken apart and "refurbished" multiple times. Allot of those "refinished" or "refurbished" wheels are usually hiding ugly secrets and signs of a hard life. Some of the wheels are downright unsafe and not fit for use, especially on a car that can approach 200MPH! We have seen countless bent, cracked, and welded wheels repaired and refinished to look new again. This is a common practice by many so called "wheel specialist" in the industry. We wont mention any names.

 Everything on the wheels is the exact same as the originals. The wheels have the same bolt pattern (5x108), diameter (19"), widths (8.5" fronts/10.5" rears), offsets (ET43.6 mm fronts, ET32 mm rears). They use the factory center caps and lug bolts. They use the factory tire sizes (255/35/19 fronts, and 305/30/19 rears). If you need tires, let us know and we can put together a complete package for you.

Finish and construction:
 The centers or faces of the wheels are strong lightweight forged as compared to the heavier cast aluminum of the originals. The faces are painted bright gloss silver and the outer lips have the brushed/machined finish just as the originals from Ferrari. The fasteners are made of lightweight and strong titanium instead of stainless steel.The wheels are manufactured 100% in the USA using the finest 6061, t6 aluminum forgings.
Tailored specifically for all 456/550M/575M and engineered to exacting standards. 
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 Tailored specifically for all 456/550M/575M and engineered to exacting standards.